Posidonia Oceanica, a reserved and welcoming accomodation, located in the heart of Alghero, a characteristic town overlooking the north-western coast of Sardinia, also known as the Riviera del Corallo.

A dream stay

The real strength of Posidonia Oceanica is its strategic position, just a stone’s throw from the center, from the large parking area of the Piazzale della Pace and just as close to the beaches of the Lido. Looking out from the window of the accomodation you can admire the beauty of the historic walls and the lively touristic port, the true heart of the city.

The structure is located on the first floor of a private building, recently renovated.

The two large rooms, one blue and one red, inspired by the colors of the sea and coral, have a simple and elegant design perfect to welcome couples and families who love the sea and nature. Both rooms have a private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, wi-fi connection.

The cheerful and colorful living room hosts a rich and personalized breakfast every morning.

In addition, Posidonia Oceania is registered in the regional register of non-accommodation facilities (IUN) Code E8647

What to visit in Alghero

The whole historic center is worth a visit. Largely restored over the last twenty years, it is a true jewel that makes staying in the Catalan town even more enjoyable. Another suggestion is definitely to visit the Porto Conte Regional Park, where you can visit the famous Neptune Caves and the Capo Caccia cliffs.

Structure and Comfort

The rooms of Posidonia Oceanica are inspired by the owner’s passion for the sea. The decorations, the prints and the design with which the rooms have been furnished are very original, inside everything speaks of water, of the species that inhabit the sea and of the Coral, typical of the Alghero harbor..

A summer by the sea

No detail is left to chance, everything has been designed to let go of the moorings and fully enjoy the holidays, in total relaxation.

Sun, sea and relaxation!

The problems will remain at home along with the coat and winter shoes! At Posidonia Oceanica, all you need is beachwear, the slippers and the beach towel. We’ll take care of the rest!

Well linked

The structure is located in a strategic point, connected to the airport, the beaches and all the attractions.

Car and motorbike and bike parking

Public parking, Piazzale della Pace

Car rent

Car and bike rentals for short and long term


Tourist information




Alghero is a city that brings everyone together!

For those who want to spend a relaxing holiday, for young people looking for fun and nightlife, for sports lovers, history and archeology lovers Alghero is the ideal destination!

The foundation of the city dates back to 1102, when the Doria family decided to create a fortress to defend themselves against Saracen raids; in the mid-1300s, Alghero experienced Spanish domination and, during this period, the city literally exploded from an architectural, economic and cultural point of view.

All the traces of its rich history are today clearly visible in the large walls, in the historic center with cobblestone streets, in the rich churches and also in the language: in Alghero the Catalan language is also spoken!

To discover the more environmental side, Alghero offers natural beauties such as: the “Grotte di Nettuno” the cliffs of “Capo Caccia” and “Punta Giglio”.

On the way to Capo Caccia you can stop at the beautiful beaches such as:  Bombarde beach, the Lazzaretto, Mugoni and Tramariglio, to finish we suggest you stop at the “Belvedere” to admire the spectacular “Bay of Water Lilies” with its colors, especially at sunset.

The sparkling Catalan city is famous for its nightlife that explodes in the summer from the locals on the port, particularly along the ancient walls, to the kiosks on the beach that become real open-air discos.

 Premiati dai nostri clienti

Media dei voti “Eccezzionale”

" Do redo"

Mrs. Anna was very kind, she gave us all the information we needed. The B&B is a stone’s throw from the center, clean and welcoming. There is a large parking lot near the property. Excellent breakfast. I would go there again” 

– Matteo – 

"Alghero is enchanting. Thanks to Mrs. Anna who made us feel at home"

“I liked everything from the welcome of Mrs. Anna, to the stay in a truly well-kept b & b in all respects. I would recommend it to anyone.”

– Mikela – 


“Structure: well maintained, new and clean Owner: friendly and helpful Location: on the seafront and a stone’s throw from the center Breakfast: excellent for a B&B”

– Anna- 


Alghero, Via degli Orti, 1 – 07041

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